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Secure cloud-based solution

Attract new customers who need secure remote access to applications and data and are unwilling to sacrifice ease-of-use or increase their costs. Our cloud-delivered security system will support any number of users and client sites.

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Easy to buy.
Easy to sell.

Your customers require remote performance, transparency, and security without compromising their current desktop experience. You need solutions that can be adopted, sold, and implemented quickly. Vertiscale delivers.

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Dramatically increase
your margins

Vertiscale is easy to roll out, and is built to scale with your business. Our subscription pricing model also fits right in with your existing offerings. No risk, high margins, differentiation from you competition: What are you waiting for?

Mobility. Security. Automation. Simple.

Leverage Vertiscale’s distinctive technology to maximize the value of your customer relationships.

Expand services. Modernize your offerings. Go cloud. Go Vertiscale.

Solutions for today’s mobile workspace

Vertiscale enables businesses of all types to seamlessly and safely access critical applications and data regardless of their geographic location.

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Data encryption at rest and in-transit  

Minimizes public internet attacks, deters hackers  

Applications / data stays on the server, not devices  

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Intuitive interface means no administrator training required 

Fast, automated deployments of new customer sites 

Leverage your existing hardware

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Support iOS, Android and Windows devices

Better utilize existing hardware or “Zero Clients”

Consistent user experience across devices

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 Simple subscription pricing

Single pane of glass management for all your clients

Easy integration with existing billing systems

Grow your business by offering secure
remote access and BYOD solutions.

Expand your service offerings

using your current infrastructure.